I initially came to yoga as a way of releasing the body after much strength training and high intensity work. little did I know it would unlock a great passion and an inner spirituality I was unaware I had until its development! 

I teach three sorts of yoga: Hatha Vinyasa Yoga which involves a sequence of standing, balancing and seated postures with a vinyasa flow inbetween. Hath Yoga is a more gentle form: Postures are entered into slowly and there is a great deal of emphasis on technique and alignment.

Freestyle Fitness Yoga is a more modern approach to yoga, and has a much more fitness based approach than traditional more spiritual classes. This is a stronger more powerful style of yoga than Hatha yoga.

Yoga and Pilates at The Old Coffee Shop in Maroni, Larnaca, Cyprus:

Monday 18:30 Yogalates

Wednesday 18:30 Pilates