In my role as a biomechanical specialist, it is always refreshing to come across a personal trainer who cares about the significant effects of exercise on dysfunctional movement. Melanie and I have had a very close relationship with a number of clients over the last two years and have worked together to address a number of her clients pain syndromes, and all times she has been actively engaged in the rehabilitation protocols. This level of service is second to none and it is clear that her clients place a very high value on it. The personal training industry tends to shy away from orthopaedic assessment and exercise prescription, in favour of new and sexy exercises that have a complete disregard to the effect they have on the body. These exercise are generally designed for top level athletes and can do more harm than good for none athletes. Working with Mel, you can be sure that she cares about the long term health of your body, not just short term results.
John Scriven

Director, High Performance Jersey

The several courses I have taken with Melanie have most certainly improved my life. I have slimmed down, toned up and feel more confident about myself.
Mary Witherington

Intermediate/Advanced Pilates Client

I’ve had another enjoyable ten weeks with Melanie, developing my strength and ability to do the exercises. I look back to when I started and can’t believe I can do what I can now-I never though I’d get the Side Pull or the Ball Balance! Practice makes perfect! (Or so they say!)
Lynsey Beahan

Pilates On The Ball Attendee

Melanie is a great teacher and her classes are brilliant. The exercises are varied so you can adapt at all levels. The classes are always different and as challenging as you want them to be. Melanie goes out of her way to help you with your individual queries or postures/problems etc and lessons are great fun! Having done a year+ of courses now I really feel the benefits and am improving all the time. Looking back on the initial frustrating sessions I can see how far I’ve come-Thanks Melanie! Join now-its great fun and a great work-out despite the ache the following day!
Lynsey Beahan

Pilates On The Ball Attendee, St Lawrence School

I love the variety of the sessions and how Melanie fits all the exercises together in an interesting and meaningful way. The more classes I do, the more I enjoy it and can see real improvement. Melanie is also very supportive and helps you push yourself. Thank you
Lynsey Beahan

Class Attendee

Experienced and knowledgeable trainer. Challenging and fun. Takes no prisoners!, results guaranteed.
Susie Teixeira

Personal Training Client and Pilates Class Attendee

Melanie has a very soothing and understanding voice and she describes each exercise with great precision, explaining exactly how it should be done and how it should feel. The use of equipment means each class is different.
Louisa Humphrey

Class Attendee

I have been taking classes and personal training sessions with Melanie for 14 months now. She is the nicest,most professional and motivating instructor I have had the pleasure knowing and working with. Her knowledge of the industry is vast so no two training sessions are ever the same and she continues to look for new ways to keep her teaching fresh and to help me achieve my goals. Melanie takes me to my limit in a fun way that leaves me wanting to go back for more! I would strongly recommend all of her classes but if you have a particular fitness, weight or medical issue then her personal training sessions are definitely the way to go. She has helped me in so many ways. Thank you Melanie.
Ursula Richardson

Personal Training Client and Class Attendee

Whether young or mature your body will benefit from Melanie’s Pilates courses & you will feel stronger
Anita Regal

Pilates Class Attendee

Melanie is an excellent teacher who keeps her students fully motivated. Her classes are fun whilst delivering results.
Debbie Soppitt

Personal Training Client and Pilates Class Attendee

Great fun!
Alex Mallinson

Pilates For Men Attendee