Melanie Smith


I’m a very young at heart 40 something year old who is passionate about movement and fitness but is also very down to earth and understanding about the difficulties and challenges we all face when making a big lifestyle change.

Originally from Jersey in the Channel Islands, I  moved to London 5 years ago to be nearer to the action and to indulge one of my biggest passions which is pole dance fitness.

I now live in Maroni, Larnaca, Cyprus where I moved in September 2017 hoping for more time in the sun and time for myself!

So why, out of all the other trainers, should I choose Smithfit Training?


Aside from my Personal Trainer, Yoga and Pilates qualifications I have a myriad of other qualifications including Pre and Post natal Pilates, Pole dance fitness,  Group fitness instructor (Muscle pump, Legs Bums and Tums, aerobics, step etc), Circuit training, Kettlebells…..the list goes on and on! I have also done two years of training to be a counsellor which helps me to be an effective listener, and to help you to reach your own solutions to problems.

But all of that is just the paper side of things, I think the main quality I bring to our time together is my passion and experience. I too was once an unfit couch potato….I understand the psychological mountains that need to be climbed in order to turn things around. This level of empathy means that I can tell when there is a lull in commitment, Im sure you will agree this is better than having a trainer who may have been fit and healthy all of there lives and might not understand the battle you face with your willpower everyday.

My programs are tailor made to your specifics, no two sessions are the same and tackle not just the aesthetic weight loss side of training which people are sometimes so intent on, but we shall work on improving your overall health and this means changing your psychological approach to fitness.

Above all else, we will have fun! The variety of the sessions mean you will never become bored or know what to expect, I like to challenge your body but also to have an element of playfulness within the sessions. This might mean being a bit silly and having a bit of a laugh, and if you remember the pursuit of your life should be happiness, then laughing is a very important factor here.